Balance for a Healthy Lifestyle

Balance for a Healthy Lifestyle

A talk and workshop by Ingela Andersson

Ingela Andersson of Healthy For Life with Ingela Andersson

Ingela is a Certified Wellness Coach and personal trainer. Founder of Healthy For Life. She helps people with healthy lifestyle changes in:

Corporate Wellness Programs, Personal Training Programs, Group Training Programs, Couple training Programs

Her experience spans 2 countries: Sweden: 13 years as a Communication Manager and Certified Wellness coach and Malta: 8 years as a Certified Wellness coach and Personal trainer.

Ingela was born in Sweden and is married. She has three sons, two grandchildren. She loves to spend time with her family. Her passion is her work and she loves to help people gain a healthier lifestyle.

In her Talk / Workshop Ingela addressed the following topic.

Taking care of our bodies is not only a calorie controlled diet, or a crash course at the gym. It is a combination of things which we need to know how to apply together.

Ingela discussed  the four pillars for a Healthy Lifestyle:





We all live busy lifestyles and more often than not, we do not have time for either of the pillars.

Why do we eat the wrong food? Stress? Anger? Sadness? Happiness?

Do we sit all day at our desks to work? How can we workout whilst sitting down?

Do we get our full quota of hours of sleep?

Do we have any ‘ME’ time?

Do we just stop everything and take care of ourselves?

The workshop was followed by a Networking Dinner which consisted of scrumptious healthy food!

Location: BPW Malta

Event start: 19/01/2024
Event end: 19/01/2024