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The information supplied in this application form is for the sole use of BPW (Valletta) Malta, for the purposes of compiling a Membership Database. BPW (Valletta) Malta may also wish to forward to its members, other communications it receives from other members and associated entities, unless you choose otherwise.

Your membership to BPW (Valletta) Malta automatically enrols you into BPW International, while membership to Young BPW (Valletta) Malta enrols you in Young BPW International and includes the dues to the payable to them as well as the dues to BPW Europe paid annually. The dues are payable annually in January not later than 31 st January. I declare that the information in this application form is true and correct. I agree to pay the set membership due of €50.00 (or €35.00 for Young BPW (Valletta) Malta Members) which includes both BPW (Valletta) Malta and BPW Europe and BPW International fees.

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