Hosting Members of BPW Vilnius Club

Hosting Members of BPW Vilnius Club

A group of members from BPW Club of Vilnius, Lithuania came to Malta for a Cultural Research Expedition from the 16th through the 23rd February 2024. Included in their trip was to also research meghalitic and mother’s goddesses culture and its impact on the presence. They experienced the cultures in various parts of Malta as follows: 16 - 17 of February they stayed in and experienced  Gozo, 18-19-20 in Mdina, 21 -22 in Valleta.

During their visit we organised a visit and meeting with the Hon Ciunsul for Lithuania, Mr. Marco Mercieca followed be a a networking lunch.

Here are some memories from the day and the groups’ visit to Malta.

Location: BPW Malta

Event start: 19/02/2024
Event end: 19/02/2024